Start the server after 10 days results in "you are in emergency mode......"

Hi everybody,

after a switched off period of 10 days, I started my nearly 8 year old HP system and end allways in the
"you are in emergency mode. … Give root password for maintenance (or press Control-D to continue):
I tryed ‘Control-D’ and after loged in as root the ‘sysemctrl default’ and ‘systemctrl reboot’
All this commands end in the same errormesage above.
The ‘univention-app info’ command gets: UCS: 5.0.3 errata751

also I found out, that ssh is NOMORE running on the system.
runns well befor the long switchoff.

The system was installed some time ago from a colleague who is no more available.
I did all the updates with the browser interface and are not so fitt in linux

Is there a possibillity to do an repair install ore something else?

Thanks for help


If Linux starts in emergency mode, there was something gone wrong with the file system.
You should keep a view on the display messages - press <Esc> if Univention logo appears, to see the messages.

After login you should chroot to the disk to check the syslog for the error message. In many cases the logfile (as well as the boot messages) show a message, what command to execute to fix the error.

How can I do this. I’m a linux newbee, sorry

Depending on the error message(s) (still missing a screenshot) this might help (without chroot):


See Welche Daten sind nötig, um ein “Active Directory” zu retten bzw wieder herzustellen

Danke für die Hilfe