UCS5 server not fully booting anymore

Having kind off a bad day (multiple). My UCS 5.0.2 vm won’t boot properly anymore and even my oldest backup is having the same problem.

At boot, the boot partition (vda1) and vg_ucs-home are not getting mounted (vg_ucs-root does) and i’m being dropped into an emergency mode shell.

I can mount the vda1 boot partition manually. lvscan shows that the ‘home’ lv is inactive, but i can activate it with lvchange -a y vg_ucs/home and mount it. I can access the data from both this way.

Been searching and trying for a couple of days, but can’t get my system to boot again.

I’m out of my league here, anyone knowledgeable that can give some assistance?


post your /etc/fstab. And, if possible a screenshot from the boot messages including the error.


Have to post screenshots of both (can’t access console for cut & paste)…


boot errors:

Thanks for taking a look!

OK, when you are in rescue console. What is the result of the blkid command?

And post fdisk -l

The requested output:


unfortunately I do not see any reason for this behaviour.

I suggest to do the following:
fsck -f for ALL partitions/ lv’s
Just for testing purpose comment the line with /boot and create a new one using /dev/vda1 instead of UUID.
Do update-grub2 and possibly grub-install /dev/vda

Good luck!

All disk checked (fsck) and fine. But the update-grub2 command gives me an error (see screenshot). Probably because /dev/vda1 is not mounted at /boot/.

Manually mounting /dev/vda1 on /boot/ gives no errors but also does not work… weird (?!).

Manually mounting /dev/vda1 on a temporary dir (/mnt/tmp_boot) works just fine and i can access the data.


Did you recently update the linux…

check grub2 & grub have not got confused… and check the EFI/secureboot settings.

like you did not setup grub , then try to use grub2?

in your boot i see a “grub” folder but not “grub2”

Hi talleyrand,
Thanks for your reply!

Nope, have not done anything manually with grub.
Server just did not come up anymore after a reboot. How do i check if grub2 & grub did not get confused?

you are using grub2 commands
generally the univention has a “grub” folder linux uses “grub” for traditional & grub2 for … grub2
you can use either, but different linux handles the folders differently
try to find out which one univention uses. it could be it still uses grub , but you are using grub2 commands