Problem: User-Import does not load


When starting the User Import via School Administration the module will not start.




Check for running services

systemctl status apache2.service \
  ucs-school-import-http-api.service \
  postgresql.service \
  rabbitmq-server.service \

If a service is not Active: active check for the respective package state

dpkg -l celeryd rabbitmq-server ucs-school-import-http-api univention-celery ucs-school-umc-import

In most of the cases ucs-school-import-http-api was not installed

rc  ucs-school-import-http-api 17.0.6-22A~4.4.0 all              UCS@school: RESTful API for importing users

This results in the described problem, however ucs-school-umc-import might be installed so the tile for the User Import is visible in the UMC.


Install the missing package(s)

univention-install ucs-school-import-http-api

the installation will also install all dependencies. Now you should be able to start the User Import module

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