Problem: The class share is not shown in "Eigene Shares" for some classes


The classhare is not shown in “Eigene Shares” for some classes and the classshare is not mapped in the users vbs script.


If a class was deleted, but the class share is still there, the new created class with the same name has a new gidNumber, but htis is not adjusted to the share. The class’ gidNumber and the shares univentionShareGidhave to be identical.


  • Check the gidNumber of the classhare
univention-ldapsearch cn='class-1a' gidNumber
dn: cn=class-1a,cn=klassen,cn=schueler,cn=groups,ou=sun,dc=schein,dc=me
gidNumber: 5599
  • Check the class’ univentionShareGid
univention-ldapsearch cn='class-1a' univentionShareGid
dn: cn=class-1a,cn=klassen,cn=shares,ou=sun,dc=schein,dc=me
univentionShareGid: 5268
  • Correct the univentionShareGid in the share configuration via udm.
    udm shares/share modify --dn=cn=class-1a,cn=klassen,cn=shares,ou=sun,dc=schein,dc=me --set group=5599

Now the listener is triggered and will correct the vbs script. Therefor the share will be mapped again and shown in “Eigene Shares”.

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