Problem: Only New ucs@school Users Get Updated Links For Portal



Problem: Only New ucs@school Users Get Updated Links for Portal

Existing users still have outdated links to the portal and get forwarded to non-existing URLs.
Users created recently have the correct entries as well as some previously created user accounts.
The Links are generated in the user’s netlogon scripts provided by ucs@school.


The synchronization is triggered via a listener module which forces the re-write of the logon script when an attribute of uid, gid or homePath changes. But this triggers only a single user.
For all users there is a script which enforces the synchronization of the user logon scripts.

Simply run the following command:
univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync ucs-school-user-logonscript

If you want to du the above only for selected users you can use the distinguished name (DN) of this user as parameter for the above command.