Problem: Desktop Folders and Network Mappings are not Created During Windows-Logon


When windows user are logging on they do not get a desktop folder created (as configured before) and they do not get their drives mapped at all.

They have to map the drives manually and after a reboot the mapping disappears again.


Option 1

Check if the responsible logon scripts exist in \\server\netlogon
In this case the files ucs-school-logon.vbs and programme.bat where missing for no reason.

After restoring these files from backup all folders got created and all drives got mapped.

Option 2

Check for the existence of the folder “Eigene Shares” on the Desktop:
If it looks like this it has been created manually. Very likely the user has deleted the original folder by accident and tried to re-create it manually.

Step 1

Delete this folder.

Step 2

Log off and log on again. The folder should be created and look like this:

Additionally, all network drives should be mapped properly.

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