Problem: Portal is blank by an Error or Mistake


Your portal site is empty caused by an error or mistake.


UCS: 4.4-8


Please try to remove or delete:

mv /var/cache/univention-portal/`**portal.json** `/root/portal.jso_bak

restart your Portalserver:

kill -HUP $(ps aux | grep '[u]nivention-portal-server' | awk '{print $2 }')

you might check if the portal.json was recreated:

ls -latr /var/cache/univention-portal/

or go straight ahead to your site.

If there is a groups,json in your /var/cache/univention-portal/ and your portal ist still not working, keep this bug in mind.

Do the following steps with the attached python-File : (1.2 KB)

root@kochmaa:~# rsystemctl stop univention-directory-listener
root@kochmaa:~#./rebuild-portal-groups > groups.json
#Check the results :wink:
root@kochmaa:~# chgrp nogroup groups.json
root@kochmaa:~# mv groups.json /var/cache/univention-portal/groups.json
root@kochmaa:~# systemctl start univention-directory-listener

You might delete:

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Kudos for the Solution by @Moritz_Bunkus