Joined Ubuntu doesn't update DNS record


I have started a domain with UCS which is named as per the recommendation here (for the same reasons):
Change DNS A record of forward-zone

DHCP is managed by my router.

I can join my Ubuntu computer to it (hostname ubuntu2), it appears in the “computers” section properly (as ubuntu2) but the DNS record (forward & reverse) are not updated. There’s no error I can see in /var/syslog/.

Is it normal?

Thanks a lot!

What i know, this will only set with Windows Clients. So we set a fixed DHCP Adress with the MAC before we join an Ubuntu, and everything is fine.

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Thanks, this is what I observed as well.

I fail to see the rationale behind that, because in that case it relies on the upstream DNS server to resolve the linux machine names… I understand it might be required for windows & Netbios to work, but why not doing the same for Linux machines?

Good question…

I found this:

It seems that it is intended indeed.