Configuring DNS entry to pick up IP in the DHCP

Good afternoon everyone, I am testing the Univention 1 week and am enjoying quite the solution you intend to implement in place of other solutions such as AD or Zentyal.

However I am unsure of how to implement a function, to the client get an IP via DHCP, automatically create the DNS entry. That the old Resara Server was the standard, however it seems that the Univention is not.

Someone who uses and can tell me how to do, I would appreciate it.


such a functionality does currently not exist in UCS, unfortunately.

What does work is that when you have a Windows client joined into the domain it will update its own DNS entry automatically. However, this only works with Windows machines, not Linux or Mac clients or other devices that solely use DHCP.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the explanation, sorry for the delay in responding is that the forum was out of access to users in Brazil and only returned to work now.

If the device itself adds the DNS entry after entering the domain? I think mine had not worked since the hostname was too great after you speak, I ran a test and it was. =)

Thanks a lot for the help.