Is it possible to build UCS on a Debian install?


I’m having trouble installing UCS due to UEFI boot issues and the inability to use legacy boot. (See this forum post and this bug report.)

Assuming I can do a standard Debian install, is there a way to build UCS directly on it?


No I think that is not possible !

Is it a must to your config to install on BareMetal ?
I think you may install the UCS Server as an VM on Vmware ESXi for example - for me thats works perfect (also with the free version of ESXi) and with this config you are more flexible on upgrading/moving to different Hardware later on.



Thanks, Christian. I’ve tried almost every way possible to boot from the UCS iso and this PC just won’t do it. I’ve even tried installing in a virtual machine and then cloning its drive to the PC. I may indeed have to run it from a VM for now and move it when I find a mini PC that will work with UCS.

I actually haven’t tried the 4.2 release that just came out today, so I’ll give it a try and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try installing Debian and building UCS on it.