How To: Configure Additional DHCP Options

How to configure additional DHCP options

In case you need to configure additional options on your DHCP server you can configure them through UMC.

Step 1

Logon to the UMC and browse to the Domain -> DHCP module.

Step 2

Select the DHCP object you would like to configure and select “Edit”:

Step 3

Go to “Options” and tick “Allow custom DHCP options” which will bring an additional field on the left called “[Advanced Settings]”.

Step 4

Select these advanced settings and expand on the right:

Step 5

Enter your setting (here “voip-vlan” and “domain-search”). Add a semicolon “;” at the end and then save:

Now your DHCP server offers the configured options to clients.
You can verify with the tool dhcpdump.

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