Experiences Google Apps for Work Connector


has anyone here experiences with the Google Apps for Work Connector with gmail, google Docs and so on?
Can a user login to googles services, if the UCS-SSO server is not available; lets say from outside the companies network?


Access to the UCS-SSO server is required: When SSO is configured for Google Apps, the login at Google will redirect your users to the UCS SSO login page.

Your UCS-Server should be protected by some kind of application firewall or HTTP reverse proxy, exposing only those pages to the internet, that you want accessible.


My experience is that it is majorly flawed. Even though I had specified a different domain (yes it is a part of our Google configuration) for my students when importing them via the command line it still created email accounts for them under the domain the staff is using which is the master domain for our campus.

Also when you delete a user in UCS it deletes them in Google. The Google Apps Directory Sync application from Google has an option to suspend the Google user if they are no longer in LDAP. This preserves their data if they return or if it is needed else where like on a Google Site or Shared Documents.

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The current implementation allows the use of only one domain (the one used with the wizard).
I have created a feature request to allow all registered domains: https://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45346

I have created a feature request to add an option to only disable user accounts, when the ucs account is deleted: https://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45347


What are the changes to version 2.2 of this app? I cannot seem to find any information about what the new features are or usage examples like disabling a user but not erasing their Google account.


Unfortunately the app changelog can only be seen during update. I hope this is changed in the future… Here is the changelog for 2.2: http://appcenter.software-univention.de/univention-repository/4.3/maintained/component/google-apps_20180322143354/README_UPDATE_EN

The app didn’t receive any new features. It was just adapted to changes in the Google programming libraries and has code to support updates from UCS 4.2 to UCS 4.3.

To add proper user deactivation to the app has been scheduled for the next few months. Unfortunately I cannot tell you an exact date yet, but it will happen.


Thanks @troeder but that’s what you guys said about a year ago in terms of adding the deactivation feature. Is Google just not an important thing for you guys? Because the rest of the planet disagrees. Until this feature happens this connector is useless to me. I think you at least added support for multiple domains correct?

I know how frustrating it is to wait for others to fix/develop a required feature.
I’m sorry Univention hasn’t given this the priority it deserves. I sincerely hope this will be fixed soon.


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This thread is very old, but I can’t locate any success stories. Is this connector working in 2024 with UCS 5.x?
It seems to still have unresolved bugs (or incomplete instructions/wizard).

Several open threads:

Users need to create scripts to avoid conflicts with existing accounts, seems like it should be built-in by now.