Syncing UCS User Passwords with Google Workspace

Hi There,

I’m working on integrating our google workspace with our UCS directory (SambaAD Side) using Google’s GCDS application. I’m syncing users, profiles, and groups just fine. However, I am struggling with figuring out how to properly get passwords for users and pass them on to google work space. I have done a fair share of google searching and see where a few people might be trying the same:

How are others doing this? It seems that UCS 5.x does not have the “G Suite Connector” app that is in 4.x so there must be some other way to accomplish this?

From reading google’s documentation it seems that for Microsofts Version of AD they use a separate password sync application that is triggered when a passwords changes in AD. Is there a Samba AD/UCS equivalent to this?

I also see that it is suggested to use USC SAML for the google login as an alternative to changing the password. I plan on federating Apple Business Manager with Google Workspace and worry that using the saml method passwords would not be passed UCS → Google → ABM. (please let me know if I have this wrong!

Looking for any advice on how to move forward.