Problem: Troubleshooting Group Synchronization to Google Workspace

These troubleshooting steps aim to address synchronization issues of groups with google-apps-for-work. If you encounter synchronization issues with groups containing users with a Google Workspace account, follow these steps.

Important: All groups with a member that is synced to Google will be synced and as of yet you cannot exclude groups to be synced!

  1. Identify Affected Groups:
    Verify if the groups being synchronized are indeed affected or if there are groups without relevant users. Relevant users are those who are getting synced because of the checkmark “Enable user for Google Workspace” in the users module in the UMC.

  2. Manual Synchronization:
    If the Connector was used before setting the UCR variable, consider manually resynchronizing the listener module:

    univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync google-apps-group
  3. Testing Connector Connection:
    To test the Connector’s connection and retrieve information about known users and groups, use the following command:


    This command provides detailed information about all users and groups connected with the Google Connector. It helps ensure proper functionality and synchronization of expected users and groups.

  4. Checking Listener Log for Synchronization Issues:
    In case of persistent synchronization problems, inspect the Univention Directory Listener log file at:


    Consider setting the value of google-apps/debug/werror to ‘yes’ in this file. After modifying this UCR variable, restart the listener service:

    systemctl restart univention-directory-listener
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