Zugriff auf Gemeinsame Kontakte über das Adressbuch



In einer UCS/Kopano Umgebung haben wir die Kontakte eines Benutzers freigegeben (Berechtigungsprofil: Volle Kontrolle). Alle anderen Benutzer haben sie sich als Gemeinsame Kontakte hinzugefügt, finden diese nun aber nicht im Adressbuch, z.b. beim Schreiben einer neuen Email.
Wie kann ich Gemeinsame Kontakte für alle Benutzer auch im Adressbuch verfügbar machen?

Danke und Gruß, Holger!


Hi @hkuehn,

this behaviour can be controlled from WebApps config.php:

        // Set true to hide shared contact folders in address-book folder list,
        // false will show shared contact folders in address-book folder list.
        define("DISABLE_SHARED_CONTACT_FOLDERS", true);

you can set this via the following command:

ucr set kopano/webapp/config/DISABLE_SHARED_CONTACT_FOLDERS=false

if you get an error that the php endtag is missing and changes would not be applied, then you first need to copy the config.php.dpkg-dist over to config.php. All customisations can afterwards be reapplied with the following command: while read ucrv; do ucr set "$ucrv"="$(ucr get $ucrv)"; done < <(ucr search --brief kopano/webapp | awk -F : '{print $1}')


Hi, in this context I would like to add another question regarding shared contatcs.

Is it in any way possible, to access shared contacts via an android smartphone - I looked at the Kopano-Help but didn’t find a solution.



I don’t think, at least not yet. That being said, @fbartels recently reported on Kopano’s effort to implement CardDAV functionality in addition to the already-existing CalDAV functionality here. Looks like it’s in working shape already, but you still have to install it manually for the time being.

Edit: yeah well, I totally didn’t think of gabsync… obviously wrong answer is obviously wrong :slight_smile:

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that is possible through the shared folder functionality of Z-Push. See https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Sharing+folders+and+Read-only for more information.

PS: this is also possible with the gab as explained in https://wiki.z-hub.io/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=5734563. Normally the gab is queried on access, but some prefer to sync it.