Kopano migraton - ical calendar import fails with cryptic error




I’m trying to migrate from Horde to Kopano. Whle migrating the mails seems to be straight forward using imapsync, contacts and calendars aren’t that easy.

Currently I try to import a rather big calender (~2.100 entries) using an ical upload following these instructions:

Only about 30% of the entries are imported. There is no error message in curl, only thing I notices is in /var/log/kopano/ical.log:

Wed Jul 11 08:55:00 2018: [ZCalDAV[::ffff:|T19909] [error  ] No message in iCal data in PUT request: invalid object (80040108)
Wed Jul 11 08:55:00 2018: [ZCalDAV[::ffff:|T19909] [error  ] Error processing PUT request, error code 0x80040108 invalid object
Wed Jul 11 08:55:01 2018: [ZCalDAV[::ffff:|T19909] [error  ] No message in iCal data in PUT request: invalid object (80040108)
Wed Jul 11 08:55:01 2018: [ZCalDAV[::ffff:|T19909] [error  ] Error processing PUT request, error code 0x80040108 invalid object

There is no hint which of the entries in the calendar caused this failure. Any suggestions how to debug this efficiently?




seeing as this has nothing to do with Univention, I’d think that the Kopano forums are a better place to ask this very Kopano-specific question. It’ll probably be read by more people with Kopano experience there than here.

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thanks for the reply. You’re right, the Univention forum isn’t the best place for this kind of questions…

I’d like to share my experiences anyway: While doing the migration I noticed that Kopano doesn’t offer a carddav interface, so I had to find a different way to migrate contacts anyway. As there are only very few users on this system I decided to export the horde calendar and address books, send them by mail to the users and import them using Android Apps on a users device. As the Android devices are configured to use Kopano as Active Sync server the entries are then synced back to Kopano. Usually I had to install additional Apps to do the import, as the integrated (google default) Calendar and Address Book failed to import the files.

This is not “enterprise grade”. Beside the many manual steps I’ve lost various details of the contacts (postal address, birthday) and some calendar entries are modified (some full day events are not full day anymore).

For the mail migration I first configured the mail delivery to send incoming mails to the kopano server and then synced all mail folders from Dovecot to Kopano using imapsync. To do that I needed the users passwords. That worked somehow, but was awfully slow (partly because of the slow IMAP implementation of Kopano, and mostly because of my terrible slow hard disk). So migrating ~250k mails took about a week (!).
During the first migration attempt the kopano gateway service stopped working, I assume because the virtual machine running Kopano had only 4G RAM. After increasing the RAM to 6GB the service was stable, but imapsync failed to identify mails that were already synced - so the result of 2 days imapsync went to /dev/null…

In the end I now have a far better mail service (better webmail, better mobile device integration) - but it took far more time than expected to get there.




Actually, you don’t. You can start Kopano’s IMAP gateway with authentication disabled, meaning you can then log in as any user with any random string for a password. You need to change the following two options in /etc/kopano/gateway.cfg for that:

server_socket = file:///run/kopano/server.sock
bypass_auth = yes

Obviously, you also need to restrict access to that running instance; otherwise anyone could log in.

You can do similar things for Dovecot; it’s called “master users” there.

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we are currently trialing a new CalDAV implementation (based on SabreDAV) that also supports CardDAV. Its currently not packaged, but install is quite easy and documented in the readme of the repository located at https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kdav/browse

There are quite some other ways to achieve what you wanted. We for example have a python module that can be easily use. See https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kopanocore/browse/swig/python/kopano/scripts/rfcdump.py for an example script that exports/imports .eml/.ics/.vcf files.

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