When accessing ucs it opens the univention/portal site, should open my websitepoint to mydomain

I have set up additional websites on my ucs server. created domain1.conf and domain2.conf under /etc/apache2/sites-available/, placed the content under /var/www/domain1.de and /var/www/domain2.de and registered the confs. My external domains point to the server. Sadly, when I call up my domains (germani.de and germani.com.de) the following appears Univention Portal. My website only appears under germani.de/public_html not under germani.de . How do I make the server point to the referenced domain site and the univention portal to be accessed via ServerAddress/univention/portal.

Thanks for the help

Hello wolfdg,

one option would be to change the UCR variable apache2/startsite:

apache2/startsite: univention/
 If the URL of the Apache server is accessed over the IP address or the hostname, a redirect to the UCS startpage is done in the standard setting. This variable allows the configuration of the subpage where the redirect points to.

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Brilliant. It worked. Here for others the command