How To: Setting a Different Default Page for Web Server



How to set a different default page for the web server

You want your users to be redirected from ie. to

Step 1

Login as root to the console (command line) of your UCS server by using i.e. PuTTy for Windows

Step 2

Set the starting page to the URL wanted by setting an ucr-variable (defalt is univention/):

root@dc1:~# ucr info apache2/startsite
apache2/startsite: univention/
 If the URL of the Apache server is accessed over the IP address or the hostname, a redirect to the UCS startpage is done in the standard setting. This variable allows the configuration of the subpage where the redirect points to.
 Categories: service-apache

Set the path as shown:
ucr set apache2/startsite=owncloud/

Step 3

Restart apache:
systemctl restart apache2

Step 4

Browse to your server and you will be redirected to the correct path now.