Using UVMM on master to create a VM on KVM on member/slave

Hi, I Have setup a test environment of 2 UCS machines at the office: .241 is the manager and
.221 is a member/slave.

I have setup KVM on .221 (member) and UVMM on .241 (manager). In UVMM the KVM server .221 has a red circle with a line through it. When I select “Create” it only gives me the option to create a new cloud connection.

I tried installing KVM on the manager (.241) to test and with this it allows me to create a VM and the server does not have the circle with line through. However, I don’t want to store the VM’s on .241 as this is the purpose of .221.

I followed all the helpful tips in this Unable to create Virtual Machines thread;
I checked that Virtualization is enabled on the processor, which it is. Also virtd is active. Next step mentioned is to reinstall, thought I’d ask here first.

Any help is appreciated.