Unable to create Virtual Machines

New install of UCS and trying to create a VM using kvm. When I go to the UVMM page and click on ‘Create’ for new Virtual machine…it only allows creation of a cloud-based VM…not one running on the local KVM-based server. Also, when I look at the Machine Manager tree on the left, the local machine (where kvm is installed) has a red circle through it. I know this means the virtual manager is not running, but I am not able to figure out the problem. I see nothing in log files to indicate the problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction to start debugging this?


make sure that your processor has virtualization enabled, KVM Processor support.
Check if the “KVM virtualization server” app is installed properly.
I’d expect errors or hints in /var/log/univention/virtual-machine-manager-daemon*.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke


Thanks for getting back to me!

I confirmed that virtualization is enabled. The KVM server app is installed…I assume properly (how do I know?). I even uninstalled and re-installed just to be sure.

Now for the log…I do see some errors there. Both are repeated many times:

uvmmd.node - WARNING - ‘qemu:///system’ broken? Unable to connect to server at :16514’: Connection refused
uvmmd.node - WARNING - ‘qemu:///system’ broken? Unable to read TLS confirmation: input/output error

Any ideas?


it appears that “libvirtd” is not running. This is the process which should listen on Port 16514.

# netstat -tulpen | grep libvirt tcp 0 0* LISTEN 0 8489850 2720/libvirtd tcp6 0 0 :::16514 :::* LISTEN 0 8489851 2720/libvirtd

There are a couple of UCR-variables that may influence the behaviour, but usually there is no reason to change them.

[code]root@m:~# ucr search --brief virtual-machine
security/packetfilter/package/univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-common/tcp/16514/all/en: libvirt
security/packetfilter/package/univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-common/tcp/16514/all: ACCEPT
security/packetfilter/package/univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-kvm/tcp/49152:49215/all/en: kvm-migration
security/packetfilter/package/univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-kvm/tcp/49152:49215/all: ACCEPT
security/packetfilter/package/univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-kvm/tcp/5900:5999/all/en: VNC
security/packetfilter/package/univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-kvm/tcp/5900:5999/all: ACCEPT

root@m:~# ucr search --brief libvirt
libvirt/check/interval: 2
libvirt/check/timeout: 5
libvirt/log/level: 4
uvmm/libvirt/action/boot: start
uvmm/libvirt/action/shutdown: suspend
uvmm/libvirt/action/uris: qemu:///system

You may try to start or restart /etc/init.d/libvirtd and check the logs in /var/log or /var/log/libvirt for errors.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke

A reinstall of UCS resolved whatever the problem was