Using User Templates on the command line

we are using many User Templates (as described in Simplifying Administration with User Templates – How To, for example) when creating new users within the UCS web interface. This helps us being consistent, have good initial data, prevent errors and save tedious typing.

Now we would also like to create our users on the command line (using udm user/users create) and would like to know whether it is possible to use the same user templating mechanism while doing so? If possible, we could rely on the template being used consistently in the UI and on the command line, and any later changes would be automatically applied to both methods. Therefore we would prefer not to have a long list of hard-coded user attributes (see Udm users /user create with template? for such an example) but rather provide the key data and use the template mechanism to replace template keywords with values and other default values.

Thanks for any pointer!

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No one using user templates on the command line?

Just bumping this once more - anyone with any information on how to use UCS templates outside of the web UI?
Thank you!

Sorry for the noise, but it would be really nice if there were a way to do this (creating users based on a template), outside of the web UI?

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Hi all,

is there no one that can help us with using user templates in an automated way?
We would like to get away from creating user accounts manually in the web UI but we would like to still use templates.

Any ideas?