Udm users /user create with template?

we tried to bulk add new users with udm users/user create, but for some reason, these users settings seem to be incomplete for OX.
This results in the odd fact, that so created users will work perfectly for OX, as long as you don’t touch them in UMC. As soon as you open such a user in the UMC and save (even without any changes), it will lack loads of settings for OX (like OX displayname, Language, and even Module Access).
So my idea was to add some “Use the open-xchange groupware account template” flag to the udm users command.
Would that be possible?
Or would you think, the issue is triggered by something else?

Here’s the command we are using:

udm users/user create --position 'cn=users,dc=foo,dc=bar,dc=local' \
  --set username='user1.name' \
  --set mailPrimaryAddress='user1.name@foo.bar.local' \
  --set oxTimeZone='Europe/Berlin' \
  --set oxDisplayName='User1 Name' \
  --set oxLanguage='de_DE' \
  --set oxAccess='premium' \
  --set firstname='User1' \
  --set lastname='Name' \
  --set displayName='User1 Name' \
  --set primaryGroup='cn=Domain Users,cn=groups,dc=foo,dc=bar,dc=local' \
  --set password='secret' \
  --set pwdChangeNextLogin='0' \
  --set overridePWLength='1' \
  --set overridePWHistory='1' \
  --set profilepath='%LOGONSERVER%\%USERNAME%\windows-profiles\default' \
  --set sambahome='%LOGONSERVER%\%USERNAME%' \
  --set uidNumber=1234 \
  --set sambaRID='2345'


just tested it again, with the exact command, and it seems working perfectly now.
Don’t really know what they / we did wrong…but it wasn’t this command it seems.
Sorry for bothering…