Users Groups Tab is empty

I recently went to check if a user was still in a group, so I went to the Users page and then opened the user’s groups tab.

The Groups list is empty.

Checking other users, every user has an empty groups.


If I go to a Group I know that user belongs to, I can see the user in that list.


I also seem to have lost the ability to use RSAT to manage users and groups. I get the list of users and/or groups, but there are no details for each entity.

If I use ‘id’ from Linux command line, I get a list of groups just fine:

root@dc1:~# id gbr
uid=2029(gbr) gid=5001(Domain Users) groups=5001(Domain Users),5000(Domain Admins),5045(Enterprise Admins),5050(Denied RODC Password Replication Group),5051(Administrators),5052(Users),5059(Remote Desktop Users),5065(Terminal Server License Servers),5071(DnsAdmins),5073(wpgusers),5074(itservices),5076(VPN),5079(allerlphase),5085(fake-dist),5087(itwiki),5100(teststand_backup),5120(SP_Consultant)


This is turning into a major pain. Anybody have some ideas?

Interestingly, I added a brand new backup domain controller, and it it showing the same symptoms.

I’m considering making it the primary to see if things change, but I am somewhat hesitant.


maybe this is the same case?