Group memberships not shown in UMC after Upgrade

Hi Forum!

i have updated from UCS 4 to the latest UCS 5.0-2. Now the group memberships are not shown any more if i open a user in UMC. The list “Weiter Gruppen” (other groups) is empty.

If i open the group in UMC all members of the group are shown correctly.

Anyone had this problem before?

Yours Gerd

Hi Gerd,

may I ask, if you have the memberOf overlay activated, or not?
ucr get ldap/overlay/memberof

We have an other customer with the same problem.

Hi !
ucr get ldap/overlay/memberof
returns “false”

Yours Gerd

Hi Gerd,

okay, the same as in the other customer environment.
Is it possible for you to activate the memberof overlay? This should solve the problem.
Please if you do, use this article because of the right order!

It took me a while until i adressed the problem again.
Your solution worked perfectly, thanks a lot.

Yours, Gerd