Upgrade UCS 4.4-3 to UCS 4.4-8 Using Local Repository (without Internet Acces)

How to Upgrade UCS version without internet Acces

I got this guide from here, then I complete it to make it easier for other users


  1. ISO UCS Update
    UCS Update 4.4-3 - 4.4-4 Download
    UCS Update 4.4-4 - 4.4-5 Download
    UCS Update 4.4-5 - 4.4-6 Download
    UCS Update 4.4-6 - 4.4-7 Download
    UCS Update 4.4-7 - 4.4-8 Download

  2. Packages.gz
    Download packages.gz 4.4-4 all amd64
    Download packages.gz 4.4-5 all amd64
    Download packages.gz 4.4-6 all amd64
    Download packages.gz 4.4-7 all amd64
    Download packages.gz 4.4-8 all amd64

  3. Package for Create Repository Local
    apt-mirror Download
    univention-debmirror Download

  4. GPG Key
    GPG Key Latest Download


  1. Copy or move all downloaded ISO files and packages to UCS Server to be Upgrade
  2. Install the packages needed to create a local repository
dpkg -i apt-mirror_0.5.4-1A_4.3.0.201901041140_all.deb
dpkg -i univention-debmirror_10.0.1-1A_4.4.0.201812201642_all.deb
  1. Move the file univention-archive-key-ucs-5x.gpg to the /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ directory
  2. Create a local repository
  3. Remove unneeded packages
    apt autoremove
  4. Edit the file repository /etc/apt/sources.list.d/15_ucs-online-version.list

deb [trusted=yes] http://master.sentrainovasisolusi.local/univention-repository/4.4/maintained/ 4.4-3/all/
deb [trusted=yes] http://master.sentrainovasisolusi.local/univention-repository/4.4/maintained/ 4.4-3/amd64/
deb [trusted=yes] http://master.sentrainovasisolusi.local/univention-repository/4.4/maintained/ 4.4-4/all/
deb [trusted=yes] http://master.sentrainovasisolusi.local/univention-repository/4.4/maintained/ 4.4-4/amd64/

*master.sentrainovasisolusi.local = domain name
7. Copy or move file packages.gz to each directory
8. Edit UCR variable in Univention Management Console UCR update/secure_apt set no
9. Update apt by running command
apt update
10. Upgrade the system by running command
/usr/share/univention-updater/univention-updater cdrom --iso=UCS_Update_4.4-3_-_4.4-4-amd64.iso
11. Update packages by runninng command
apt upgrade

*Repeat the steps above to upgrade the next version (4.4-5, 4.4-6, 4.4-7, 4.4-8)
*If you have any suggestions or questions. please comment below

Thank you