How To: Update a Server Without Connection to the Internet



How to upgrade a server without connection to the Internet

In case you have a server installed which does not have a connection to the Internet you have to perform the upgrades offline.

Step 1

Prepare the upgrades by downloading all needed step-by-step update images from our update site.
So for an upgrade from UCS 4.3-2 to UCS 4.4 you have to download the following images (only shown 64bit versions):

4.3-2 to 4.3-3

4.3-3 to 4.3-4

4.3-4 to 4.4-0

Step 2

Copy the downloaded files (*.iso) to your offline server which has to be upgraded. Use whatever is possible for you (internal network, USB-stick) to transfer the files.

Step 3

Perform the upgrade step by step on the console of the UCS server. When working remotely (ie through PuTTy) make sure you start with a screen session as network might be going down during the upgrades. You can reattach to a screen session by “screen -x update” then:
screen -S update

Step 4

Start the upgrade itself:
univention-updater --ignoreterm --ignoressh --iso= *ISOIMAGEFILE*

Repeat step 4 for every upgrade DVD you have downloaded.

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