How To: Update a Server Without Connection to the Internet

How to upgrade a server without connection to the Internet

In case you have a server installed which does not have a connection to the Internet you have to perform the upgrades offline.


For UCS 5, there are only installation images and upgrade images are no longer created or made available. This means that the offline upgrade option is no longer possible under UCS 5.

Step 1

Prepare the upgrades by downloading all needed step-by-step update images from our update site.
So for an upgrade from UCS 4.3-2 to UCS 4.4 you have to download the following images (only shown 64bit versions):

4.3-2 to 4.3-3

4.3-3 to 4.3-4

4.3-4 to 4.4-0

Step 2

Copy the downloaded files (*.iso) to your offline server which has to be upgraded. Use whatever is possible for you (internal network, USB-stick) to transfer the files.

Step 3

Perform the upgrade step by step on the console of the UCS server. When working remotely (ie through PuTTy) make sure you start with a screen session as network might be going down during the upgrades.

We recommend that you use a screen session for the update. This can be created with the following command:
To create a new session with the name update:
screen -S update

To detache (leave) the session press the buttons:
Cntrl + a + d

To list the screen session:
screen -ls

To reatache (use) the screen session:
screen -x update

Step 4

Start the upgrade itself:
univention-upgrade --ignoreterm --ignoressh --iso= *ISOIMAGEFILE*

Repeat step 4 for every upgrade DVD you have downloaded.