Upgrade from 4.4.8 to 5.0 - apps not compatible, yet

Since this is a private account, I’m really excited that you remember me in person.
Nevertheless - this is no personal attack on you @fbartels so pls don’t treat it here as an attack!
I am just wondering, as any other customer does, if we will have a solution in a near future…


one week later (and without any complaint about anyone who could probably have sthg to do with anything), again a simple question: are we getting nearer to a solution (pls remark that there is no attack to someone, it is just another try to get some infomation)?


Hi pan.

Not from my side.
I have posted the 2 errors from the install last week and did not have time to test any further since then.


I have installed a test environment with UCS5. Master and Node. I have installed and activated the test app centre on the node. When I try to install Kopano-Core, I get the message that I need an activation key. Where can I get this?

with best

The UCS activation was missing

eagerly awaiting a version for UCS5 that isn’t in the test app center… so I had a thought and a question for any UCS experts here.

I currently have a 3 node UCS5 system updated to the most current errata. I really want to get Kopano working again and finally shut down my super old existing MTA.

Option #1: Can anyone see a problem adding one more node at 4.4-8 dedicated for Kopano and upgrade to 5 when it becomes available?

Option #2: Add an additional node dedicated for Kopano and enable the test repo on that one only. but if I do enable the test repo does that enable it for all UCS servers in the domain?

Kopano appears to install software on all UCS nodes in the domain so maybe neither of these options are viable?


I think that both options will fail at the same point: installing master packages on the primary and backup systems. So you would need to enable the test app center for that on all primary and backup systems. Which you stated you don’t want, so I don’t see any possible path for you at this point.

Thanks Christian, did you finish your test with MSH Disclaimer and Signature?
Is it a good working alternative?
I need to uninstall Bitbone Maildisclaimer in order to install UCS 5 and I need a positive feedback about MSH Disclaimer and Signature.

Some News about Kopano?

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Hey @StephanT,
not yet :-/
but Univention at least seems to support 4.4 untill it is possible to update the core apps - https://wiki.univention.de/index.php/Maintenance_Cycle_for_UCS



any news on that? (I’m asking for a friend)


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Any good (or bad) news about this painful topic?

Had some time free for testing again…
Enabled dev-test-center on Primary (5.0) and designated mailserver (4.4), install of kopano-core seemed to work.
BUT joinscript 70kopano4ucs-udm.inst fails with

Waiting for activation of the extension object kopano4ucs: .......................................................ERROR: Master did not mark the extension object active within 180 seconds.
ucs_registerLDAPExtension: registraton of /usr/share/kopano4ucs/admin/syntax/kopano4ucs.py failed.

Another test:

Enabled dev-test-center on Primary (5.0.1) and designated mailserver (5.0.1) install from gui fails with error “This is the Primary Directory Node. Cannot continue!”
Log says:

2212 actions.install 22-03-30 10:33:42 [ INFO]: Installing some packages of kopano-core on primary.mydomain.com
2212 actions.install 22-03-30 10:33:42 [CRITICAL]: This is the Primary Directory Node. Cannot continue!

and another one:
Enabled dev-test-center on Primary (5.0.1) and designated mailserver (5.0.1) install from command line using

univention-app install kopano-core
univention-app install kopano-webapp
univention-app install z-push-kopano

WORKED without any apparent errors that I could detect. Users can take kopano-roles, Webapp loads fine. Can’t test z-push in my closed testing environment though.

NOTE: the installer of kopano-core asked me for password of root@primary.mydomain.com and later for Administrator@mydomain.com… very strange. But maybe that is related to the gui install not working… Maybe someone can continue work from the info I have provided.

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Does anyone know if and when the Pascom app will be available on UCS5?

UCS Core Edition 4.4 has EOL Sep 30, 2022 now, so we are running out of time fast. https://wiki.univention.de/index.php/Maintenance_Cycle_for_UCS

Regarding Kopano, would it make sense to invest the time needed and migrate to a standalone server (e.g. Ubuntu) and connect to Univention “only” via OpenLDAP?
For a small number of users it might be worth thinking of. Authentication should work, but user management has to be done on kopano side as well…
(I have chosen Ubuntu as an example, as Kopano can be installed directly via apt, so i expect that most things should work out of the box.)

Any thoughts or feedback are welcome!

According to the last mailing there’s light at the end of the tunnel:

There will be updates to Kopano “in a few weeks or months”.

I know there’s no promises but still hanging out for usercert cool solution

Last week i phoned with Kopano. The packages are ready for over 8 weeks. And they are waiting for a bugfix from UCS. It is about the new naming of the servers.

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