Upgrade from 4.4.8 to 5.0 - apps not compatible, yet

I get the following message in Software Update and like to know about when the listed components might get compatible versions.

Thank you very much!

Further release updates are available but cannot be installed. The currently installed version of the application Kopano Core is not available for all newer UCS releases. You may wait for the app to be released for the new UCS version. Using the [“App Center” module](javascript:void(0)), you may also search for alternative apps or uninstall the application.
This also holds for:

  • Kopano WebApp (no update available yet)
  • Kopano WebMeetings (no update available yet)
  • Z-Push for Kopano (no update available yet)
  • OpenID Connect Provider (no update available yet)
  • Let’s Encrypt (no update available yet)




i have following addional Apps and want to ask, if it is planned to be updated?

GitLab Enterprise Edition (Beta)
odoo Community Edition (Beta)
Desktop Umgebung (KDE)

Hello, I would add:

  • Connector for Zimbra


Nice. That are us Coreapps! :face_with_monocle:

No complaint on my side as UCS 4 runs fine.
Just wanted to know about when the updates might be available.

Here another vote for Let’s encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt is very important !!!

Yes : Let’s Encrypt is very important !!!
And OX App Suite

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I recently gave an update regarding the Kopano apps in Kopano4UCS in 4.4-8?. Your list reminds me however of one thing. The WebMeetings app will not be updated for UCS 5.0, since WebMeetings has been replaced by the Kopano Meet app.

To be honest I don’t think it would be a big loss, if this app would not be updated for 5.0. There are plenty of easy and more powerful tools to get certificates from lets encrypt by now. For example the current app only does http verification and cannot handle wildcard certs. A better alternative would be to use lego instead.

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I think the best solution would be the possibility to susbcribe for e-mail notifications once an app is available for UCS 5.

for me it’s let’s encrypt & privacyIdea

Hi all,

we are actively working on providing Apps for UCS 5.0. Focus is currently on Let’s Encrypt (should be available next week), next on the list are Kopano and OpenID Connect. OX might take a bit longer as there are more task to be done to make it Python 3 compatible.

App Updates are listed on our Website in the “App Center News” which are also available via RSS: https://www.univention.com/news/univention-app-center-en/

We also plan to inform about popular Apps in our newsletter which can be subscribed here: https://www.univention.com/about-us/newsletter/



Hey Steuwer!
Has installed few hours ago UCS 5.0
Was in package management then mail there found 17 files for Kopano.
What will happen if install they will that work or fail for me.
Or wait to next week when Let’s Encrypt to install for UCS 5.0
Use on 4.48 OX suite but use Kopano instead.

OK, I have just uninstalled WebMeetings.

If you incorporate lego in UCS, then fine.
That has been the whole point of LE in UCS, not to have to manually install and configure another service, hasn’t it?

I guess the other apps will disappear from the “not compatible” message as soon as they get updates, won’t they?

That would then probably be the packages that are provided from the Debian repositories, so they will be missing deeper integration into UCS. The fact aside that the Kopano packages in the Debian repositories are horribly outdated, I would recommend to wait for the apps to be updated to benefit from the automatic setup and integration.

okej, thanks will not use them better wait to is updated app then.

there is an update for Let’s encrypt use with UCS 5.0
Updated these morning here in sweden

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Any news about Microsoft 365 Connector UCS 5.0 update ?

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Anybody know what the score is with Bareos?
I have a UCS member server with only Bareos on it and I’m not getting the option to update to UCS 5.0 on that server.

After about six weeks I would expect to see updates to Kopano soon as those are the most important add-ons to UCS.

I would think that I’m not the only one who would think twice or even thrice before changing that part of the configuration.

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Possibly it will be this version.