UCS ver. 4.4-3 to 4.4-4 Fails due to "Verification Issue"

Hello All,

As you probably know, after the initial installation of 4.4-3 has completed, updates for UCS fail.
I apologize if this has been covered somewhere else. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the solution on my own and must be missing something.
I looked at this as it seemed close to the issue I am having but I’m confused as to what the instructions are to fix the issue. Are they somewhere in this ? I tried following the directions in that article but got the following result:

root@cloud:/home/Administrator# curl -OOs https://updates.software-univention.de/download/univention-update-checks/pre-update-checks-4.4{,.gpg}
root@cloud:/home/Administrator# gpgv --keyring /usr/share/keyrings/univention-archive-key-ucs-4x.gpg
pre-update-checks-4.4.gpg pre-update-checks-4.4 && bash pre-update-checks-4.4
gpgv: Signature made Mon 28 Jun 2021 08:39:15 AM CDT
gpgv: using RSA key D293E501A055F562
gpgv: Can’t check signature: No public key

Once again, I apologize if this is a noob mistake. I think this product is fantastic! Especially coming from my own experiences working on the regular installations for nextcloud/onlyoffice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

RESOLVED. Found VM and ISO installers for latest versions which installed perfectly.

UCS versions older than 4.4-4 can no longer be installed or updated because the Univention Archive Key for UCS-4 expired 2021-06-28: UCS 4.x apt key expired, no package installation,update, app installation is possible