UCS, OX APP and shared imap folder not usable

Hi there!,

i’m using UCS still for testing purpose, for use in a non-profit organisation.

I have noticed some strange behavior for which I have no explanation. First of all, I am not a linux admin, but rather see myself in the user perspective.

I am currently using the following versions:
UCS: 5.0-1 errata235
Installed: bluespice=3.2.7-ucs.1 letsencrypt=2.0.0-2 mailserver=12.0 open-xchange-text=7.10.5-ucs1 oxseforucs=7.10.5-ucs4

I want to create shared imap folder for multiple users. I have noticed the following behavior.

Create with OX MAIL:
New OX Mail: IMAP folder
Create e.g. as info@domain.com

Folder is displayed in LDAP.
Users can be given access rights.
In the OX web interface the user can not subscribe to the IMAP folder (is not displayed at all)
(Settings → Email → Change IMAP Subscriptions …)
But: a user can send an email to the email address. without error message. (mail.log: delivery is done).

postmap -q “info@domain.com” ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap.ox-sharedfolder_mailbox
returns “info@domain.com

Trying another way:
Create with UCS LDAP-directory: (in LDAP tree > mail:)
New Mail-Folder (IMAP)
Create e.g. as test@domain.com

Folder is displayed in LDAP.
Users can be assigned access rights as above.
In the OX web interface the user are now able to view and subscribe to the IMAP folder and see it in the sidebar on the left.
(as expected…)

What does not work: Sending an email to the assigned email address!!!
Error message (web interface):
Sending the message to the following recipients failed: [“test@domain.comtest@domain.com] (550 - 550 5.1.1 test@domain.com: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table

postmap -q “test@domain.com” ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap.ox-sharedfolder_mailbox
returns no result

Checking dovecot::
doveadm -f table acl get -u info@domain.com INBOX
ID Global Rights

doveadm -f table acl get -u test@domain.com INBOX
ID Global Rights
user=john.doe @ … admin create delete …

In the LDAP directory dialog, I’m able to specify a mail server, but not in the OX Mail dialog. (therefore probably the resolution in dovecot)

Does anyone have an explanation why the folder is not shown in IMAP subscription ?

I am now at the point where I wonder if I did anything wrong when creating the imap folders?

Normal email traffic works without any problems.
The only other thing I noticed is that OX resources do not work (also not shown in the sidebar in settings).

Is there any advice what I should check as next steps ?

Many greetings

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Hi, I have quite the similar Issue, except that

doveadm -f table acl get -u test@domain.com INBOX

Only returns:
ID Global Rights

So for me the mailbox is created but not shared so it’s not in the shared folder.

I Had some problems with the univention-directory-listener, which syncs betwenn LDAP and OX, where some jobs where hanging.
So I checked /var/log/univention/listener.log and also /var/log/open-xchange/open-xchange.log.0

Which gave me some useful hints and cleared up some errors maybe this can help you aswell but I still could not resolve the issue. But maybe it’s a UCS 5.0 issue because before the update the imap folders worked (but I didn’t configure alot for some time)

Hope this is some help :slight_smile:


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