UCS 4.3 How to add a new slave to existent active directory domain



Hy there,

What should be picked, ucs domain, join ucs domain or join active directory ?

And after the join what should be done next? Because after the join the new ucs is a member server and not a slave with dc role



If i try join to a existent ucs i get the following erro

The specified nameserver is not part of a valid UCS domain.

If i use the same settings to join an active directory it works …


I managed the dns record issue bassed on this is No domaincontroller_master SRV record and how to create it in the AD DNS

I create a dns entry in web console, i think that would be usefull put a print screen of that in the post

Because using the web console we should put
Service: domaincontroller_master
Pick TCP
Ports: 0 0 0
And the fully qualified name of the server


I’m able to install a new active domain server as slave, by installing a univention server -> join an existing ucs domain server as slave -> the set saba4/role as DC install samba4 and run join scripts.

I think i’m forget anything and every thing appears to be working.

I don’t install the app Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller don’t know if i should…