No domaincontroller_master SRV record and how to create it in the AD DNS

To join a domain, UCS systems lookup the hostname of the UCS Master from the DNS service record _domaincontroller_master._tcp. In case a UCS server is joind into an Active Directory domain by means of the Active Directory Connection setup, this service (SRV) record needs to be present in the DNS Server running on the responsible Active Directory DC. The record can be created manually by executing the following steps on the system running the DNS server:

  • Open the DNS Manager
  • In the navigation tree open the Forward Lookup Zones open the DNS zone of the domain
  • Below the DNS forward zone of the domain open the folder branch named _tcp, right click on it and select Other New Records
  • In the new dialog select Service Location and click on Create Record
  • In the Service field, enter _domaincontroller_master
  • In the Protocol field, enter _tcp
  • In the fields Priority, Weight and Port number choose 0
  • In the Host offering this service field, enter the fully qualified domain name of the UCS Master
  • Confirm by clicking OK