Ubuntu Join assistant: DNS


all my Ubuntu clients joined by the join assistant seems to use the DC Master as DNS server and not the site DC distributed by DHCP (systemd-resolve --status). Is the DC Master somewhere hard-coded as DNS server?

In a non-UCS network the Ubuntu seems to use the correct DNS server. But the Windows clients use the site DC as DNS, so the DHCP server should be working correctly.

All Ubuntu clients have still the host type “UCC” in the LDAP.


EDIT: There are some messages in the log of the local DC:

DHCPINFORM from $windowsip via br0: not authoritative for subnet $local-subnet

Ok, really? Someone had the idea to modify the files in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/. Luckily that’s not done for all connections, so there seems some logic behind this.

But I don’t want to forward all DNS through the VPN! So it would be very nice if this behavior could be disabled. I trust the DHCP.