Ubuntu Client: Nautilus + Kerberos


I’m currently struggling with Nautlilus and Kerberos.
We are using Ubuntu 18.04 Clients which are joined in the UCS domain. Users are able to login and get their kerberos ticket.

However, if I add something like this:

smb://ds-space/scans/ scans auf ds-space

in this file:


and the user clicks on it, they are asked for a username, domain and password, despite having a perfectly valid kerberos ticket.

I found this bug, which was opened mid 2018:

When I started this project in summer 2019, this behaviour was different - there was no additional password request. However, this old bug returned to the latest version of 18.04 :frowning:

I know that people can enter the credentials and say “remember forever”, which will work until the next password change, but we are having 200 clients with no fixed assignment of people to clients, which makes this very annoying.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?
What could we try next?

To be honest, I didn’t try any other file manager yet, which could be the most obvious solution.
However, we wanted to stick with the standard tools as much as possible, but if we need to, we will do so, of course.

Thanks for reading,

You could try it with dolphin …

thanks for the tip. Dolphin uses kerberos tickets, which is great, but adding bookmarks via script is more difficult than with nautilus, where it is just one line in a file (as stated above).

First one need to install two packages:

apt install dolphin kio-extras

Then, after adding a SMB-Share with the GUI, the config is saved here:


and the new entry looks like:

 <bookmark href="smb://server/sharename/">
  <title>The SMB share</title>
   <metadata owner="http://freedesktop.org">
    <bookmark:icon name="gnome-mime-x-directory-smb-server"/>
   <metadata owner="http://www.kde.org">
    <ID>1574930830/8 (V2)</ID>

So, now I need to figure out how to add entries like that via script, where to get that ID and stuff like that.
However, it’s at least something that works. :wink:

More help is greatly appreciated,
thanks again,