Ubuntu Client: Nautilus + Bookmarks


we have a customer with 200 Ubuntu Clients, which uses Nautlilus bookmarks to access samba shares. See also:

This works mostly, however, when they create a shortcut to one of the folders on their desktop, this link works only until they logout.
As soon as they log in again, this shortcut becomes obviously a broken link. “ls” show in red something like that:

haeufig_genutzer_ordner -> /run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=ds-space,share=photo/ein/tief/verschachtelter/haeufig_genutzer_ordner

So, I created a script that repairs those links. However, this script works only after the users clicked on the corresponding bookmark in Nautilus first, so it makes no sense to run it at login time.

So, long story short: All I need is a way to automatically “click” on all the bookmarks in Nautilus on login. If I managed to do so I can run my repair script afterwards to make everybody happy.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading,


I solved it with a complete different approach:

This solved some other issues we had with it as well.