Setting up Roaming Profiles

Is there a step-by-step tutorial or etc that shows how to set up roaming profiles with UCS. The manual is not very clear about this. Only thing that I found is this … les:samba4
I’v done that but i feel that something is still missing

Why do you think that something is still missing? Don’t they work? Have you actually verified that they do/don’t work?

Well, documentataion says:
Roaming profiles can be configured via a group policy found under Computer configuration -> Policies -> Administrative templates -> System -> User profiles -> Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer.
I did that, but all users logging into client workstation get error:
User profile services
There was a problem with your roaming profile. You have been logged on with your previously saved local profile …

And what did you set that path to, exactly?


and profiles is shared folder

In a UCS installation profiles are usually stored in a directory called »windows-profiles« in the user’s home directory. Your current setting on the other hand would require a separate share »profiles« to exist.

Try using \servername%USERNAME%\windows-profiles

See also this bug report about the somewhat unclear documentation. It contains more information on the two methods that can be used for setting up roaming profiles.

Ok, thnx I’ll check it out

Ok It seems that I got it now and for anyone who also wants to make roaming profiles work. First of all you can not make roaming profiles “system wide” with samba4 you have to set it for every user. For a bigger deployment it can be troublesom. But there is a way. You can make a user template where the roaming profile settings are allready set. For creating user template you can follow manual or

  1. Go to domain -> LDAP directory
  2. Expend “univention” section and click on “templates”
  3. Click add chose Settings: User template
  4. Set template name
  5. Select “Windows” from left side menu
  6. Set windows home path \servername.domain<username>\
  7. Set windows profile directory \servername.domain<username>\windows-profiles
  8. You can set Windows home drive to some other letter but somehow in my case my windows test machine doesnt’ respect that. What ever letter I put home directory will be mounted as Z drive

Next time you create user select template

Using a user template is definitely recommended in general and even more so the more properties you have to set – like in this particular case.

If you have a lot of existing users you have to modify you can script/automate that with the »udm« command line tool.

For UCS 3 there exist already a script.

Thanks for pointing it out. I didn’t know such a script exists. Very nice.

Does this guide working fpr Windows 10 Pro?

I would like to have roaming Profiles for Windows 10 Users and can’t get it to run. Even when I enter the Homedir path and the profiel-directory for a user. I can’t login anymore?

Any suggestions?

regards phiku

Sorry, dont have any win 10 in my system so can not test.

I’ve done a mistake in my configuration and now it is working for Windows 10 too. I just configure the template as it is described in the user-section “Table 6.3” at the manual.



did you solve the driveletter Z: Problem?

Hello guys,

I have done the above steps but the Windows now is saying that the user profile couldn’t be found and a " Temporary Profile ist created " this means that the date will be deleted once the user log out …


Univention Version: 4.2-0
Windows version: WIn7 Pro SP1

thank you in advance