Serial access to UCS when running as VM

As the original articel is outdated

It might help others how to configure Serial access to your server

In my case my UCS-servers are often running as a VM in some cases as a FreeBSD bhyve vm in other inside proxmox.
the articel from 2017 is not valid anymore as the system is now using systemd (no inittab anymore)

in order to achive a serial console simply use

systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyS0
systemctl start serial-getty@ttyS0

Regards Lucky


Thank you very much Luckyh!

I am the author, and the article is the result of Bug 41211 and related to the (german) thread UCS für Blinde: grub serielle Konsole konfigurieren, back in 2016.

Unfortunately, I can’t edit this kb article, it is not allowed anymore. Maybe someone from Univention support could update? (or allow to edit this article: It would be a pleasure for me to contribute and to keep the article up to date)