REST API feedback and data types

In Feature request: udm <module>/<sub> list output to json - #2 by damrose you asked for feedback regarding the REST API. I decided against answering there to not revive an old thread.

I decided to use it as I needed JSON or YAML data to further process it. UDM almost outputs YAML but then, the differences are just big enough to being unfeasible to make it work. As the REST API can output JSON, the question remains why the command line tool can’t do that. I already have access to the server’s command line and can use udm so authenticating again using the REST API seems a bit redundant. And insecure as I have to provide my credentials in this workflow at some point which might be stored in the history file of my shell or in a file if used in a script.

Otherwise it’s great having another way of interacting with UCS.

Why do I need JSON or YAML? I need to sync some user fields with the corresponding fields of Microsoft 365. Having structured data helps a lot. And I have to use PowerShell on Windows to connect to AzureAD / Exchange Online and make my changes.

Until now, I failed to setup the MS 365 connector and make it work with already existing accounts. At least it was my impression the connector can only provision new accounts.

I cant help with the REST API but…

Here you can find a script to migrate existing MS 365 accounts with the connector we used it with +1k users without any problem.