Reinstalling UCS with existing owncloud Install and existing virtual hard drive

I was using my installation happily when I changed Broadband provider and the router change broke everything.
Large desktop, laptop, phones all using it .
Couldn’t make it connect again.
I uninstalled/removed UCS and downloaded the latest owncloud.
Installed UCS and ran it. It picked up both ownCloud installs.
I renamed the old one and got a bit further
Hit start.
I was asked to input the password. I input the one used with rpevious install, it doesnt ask(make clear) if it wants that or a new password
it rejects the password which is definitely the correct password many times.
I cant change it and I cant move forward form here.
Any suggestions would be very welcome.

could you check this post by @gulden and use occ to change the password?