Q&A: Can I remove staff roles in UCS@school user imports?


How can I remove the roles staff and teacher_and_staff to have only teacher and student in the dropdown in UCS@school user imports ?


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Instead of removing these roles from the default group $OU-import-all, you can create a new group $OU-import-teacher-student to have the desired roles:

eval "$(ucr shell ldap/base)"

udm groups/group create --ignore_exists \
	--position "cn=groups,ou=$OU,${ldap_base}" \
	--set name="$OU-import-teacher-student" \
	--set description="Teacher and Student can be imported in UCS@school user imports" \
	--policy-reference "cn=schoolimport-all,cn=UMC,cn=policies,${ldap_base}"

udm groups/group modify \
	--dn "cn=$OU-import-teacher-student,cn=groups,ou=$OU,${ldap_base}" \
	--append-option "ucsschoolImportGroup" \
	--set ucsschoolImportSchool="$OU" \
	--append ucsschoolImportRole=student \
	--append ucsschoolImportRole=teacher