Pure IPv6 network with UCS?


I would like to implement my project work with UCS and am currently planning this. Has anyone already implemented a pure IPv6 with UCS. Are there any problems to be expected here?

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Hi pixel,

i myself have not tried it yet and in general i cannot guarantee that there are still services that require IPv4. But basically it should work with one exception: The DHCP integration of us currently supports only IPv4 (but maybe you don’t use that).

Here are some links that you can consult:

Thanks for the information. But I do use DHCP and would like to continue using it.

Is it planned for the future that UCS-DHCP supports IPv6?

As I said, this is a project work. I will now implement this with IPv4.


i do not know a target period yet.


I have been reading up on IPv6 as best I could over the last few weeks. I now have the dual stack basically up and running.

I can’t yet say whether I have implemented it optimally - each UCS server has an address via SAALC and a fixed ULA (added manually via service unit). It would be nice if there was more documentation for the implementation.

The lack of IPv6 in the UCS DHCP is a great pity.

IPv6 offers so many advantages over IPv4 and I don’t understand why it is used so little. IPv6 would be a real asset, especially for large customers with several locations. Or am I seeing this wrong?

It would be desirable for Univention to integrate IPv6 more deeply into the UCS. Yes, I know. The standard is still quite new :wink:

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