Problem: Students hang in Exam Mode


Students hang in exam mode and can’t log in with their normal user account.


UCS@school environment


Run the cleanup script exam-and-room-cleanup

Attention! Your action will take place for all running exams! Use --dry-run and --debug to verify what will be affected first during schooling time.

Exams need to be cleaned on master and on the school slave.
On the master ldap objects (computerrooms, goups, users) are cleaned;
on the school slave the exams are cleaned. You need to run the script on the master and on the slave to cleanup everything.

On the master the script is located in
on the school slave the script is locate in

The best way is to run these script via cron during night time by configuring ucr variables

On master f.e.:
ucr set ucsschool/exam/cron/cleanup-master="30 3 * * *"

On school-server f.e.:
ucr set ucsschool/exam/cron/cleanup="30 2 * * *"