Problem: Restricting Portal Entries to Groups will Make them Disappear




When restricting portal entries to dedicated groups the portal entries disappear completely and cannot be seen by any user.


Install and enable the memberOf overlay module (univention-ldap-overlay-memberof) for LDAP.

Step 1 - Installation

You can use either the software module in UMC or use

univention-install univention-ldap-overlay-memberof

Step 2 - Enabling

Enable it with

ucr set ldap/overlay/memberof=true.

Note: You have to install and enable this overlay on all servers within the same UCS domain! Start with the installation at the master server.

Step 3 - Updating

Make sure existing users and groups will get included in the changes by:


Note: Start with this command on all slaves, followed by the backup servers and finally on the master.


The memberOf module is installed and activated automatically on a fresh install of UCS 4.3.
In UCS 4.2 and earlier the module was only installed and activated in UCS@school environments.

Therefore for updated 4.3 systems the module is not installed by default.