Problem: Printer driver upload via Windows-client fails with 'Error in Application'


If you upload the universal kyocera driver you get the following error message.

Die Anwendung konnte nicht ordnungsgemäß gestartet werden (0x%lx). Klicken Sie auf “OK” um die Anwendung zu beenden.



You have to edit the file OEMsetup.inf:

  • Open the OEMsetup.inf with an editor and search for PackageAware=TRUE


  • If the inf-file had PackageAware=TRUE in [PrinterPackageInstallation.amd64] section, you have to delete that section, too. Example in the screenshot, but this could be more lines in a different driver.
  • You cannot override the OEMsetup.inf file, but you can save it with a new name. → Here OEMsetup2.inf. Make sure it is an inf-file by selecting all file in the data type line, not textfile (.txt)!


  • Now select the edited OEMsetup2.inf for driver upload.

  • Choose the unsigned driver now, because editing the file invalidated the signature…

  • …and acknowledge the following message for the unsigned driver.

  • After finishing the wizard you see the uploaded driver and can connect it to the printer as described in the manual.

Additional advice:

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Additional adjustments of the .inf file may be required, e.g.

These kinds of adjustments of the device drivers invalidate the driver signature, but will not affect the automatic printer driver roll-out if you follow this article: