Problem: Printer driver upload from a Windows-client doesn't find the x64 device driver


An administrator has logged on to a Microsoft Windows client and wants to upload a new printer driver to a UCS Samba print server. If the Windows client is running an x64-based version of Microsoft Windows, the following error message may appear:

The specified location does not contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the location contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with the Windows x64 Edition operating system.


This error message may appear even though the printer driver is for x64 systems and the UCS server has the same architecture too. In all known cases this is caused by special .inf file sections of the driver that don’t just specify the driver architecture (amd64 in this example), but include the expected Windows print server version in the section name too (e.g. amd64.6.1).


Open the .inf file with an editor and look for section names and strings that refer to amd64.6.1 or similar and adjust them to amd64. Save the file and retry the upload.

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Additional adjustments of the .inf file may be required, e.g. if it includes the setting PackageAware=TRUE:

These kinds of adjustments the device drivers invalidate the driver signature, but will not affect the automatic printer driver rollout if you follow this article: