Problem: Office 365 User Migration


While upgrading the o365-connector the User Migration was not entirely successful.


Execute the migration by hand:

root@ucs:~# screen python /usr/share/univention-office365/scripts/migrate_to_adconnectionalias defaultADconnection
Finished migrating groups.

End of migration.


To find Users which are not migrated you might use a proper LDAP Search like

root@master:~ # univention-ldapsearch -LLLo ldif-wrap=no "(&(univentionOffice365Enabled=1)(univentionOffice365userPrincipalName=*)(univentionOffice365ObjectID=*))" 1.1 | sed '/^$/d' | wc -l

Without the trailing ’ | wc -l’ the User DNs are shown instead of the User count.

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