Problem: New errata updates are not shown

Problem: New errata updates are not shown:

You have a message in your

# Configuration error: component not found: 4.1-5-errata

Or no further repositories are shown

#Warning: This file is auto-generated and might be overwritten by
#         univention-config-registry.
#         Please edit the following file(s) instead:
#Warnung: Diese Datei wurde automatisch generiert und kann durch
#         univention-config-registry ueberschrieben werden.
#         Bitte bearbeiten Sie an Stelle dessen die folgende(n) Datei(en):
#       /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/apt/sources.list.d/20_ucs-online-component.list
deb 4.3-2-errata/all/
deb 4.3-2-errata/i386/
deb 4.3-2-errata/amd64/
deb 4.2-4-errata/all/
deb 4.2-4-errata/i386/
deb 4.2-4-errata/amd64/


Check your Key ID on our Webserver:
You will be asked to login. You can use the output of

ucr get uuid/license

as username and password.

If this is not working, or you do not have an output from the variable you have to make sure you have installed your licence correctly. If your license is very old it is probably not associated with the contract number. The Key ID then is not recognized in our repo system.

If you cannot login with the key, you should get in contact with our sales team.


  1. Which UCS components do you not have access to?
  2. Have you imported the license file supplied by Univention Sales into your UCS domain?
  3. What output does ucr get uuid/license deliver?
ucr get uuid/license
  1. Which version is shown by udm settings/license list ?
udm settings/license list
DN: cn=admin,cn=license,cn=univention,dc=schein,dc=ig
  base: dc=schein,dc=ig
  corporateclients: unlimited
  expires: unlimited
  keyID: e922929e-59ea-40be-ac1d-910a189fe477
  managedclients: unlimited
  name: admin
  premiumsupport: 0
  servers: unlimited
  signature: gJOhQ59k4c1eXmf4DxPZFldBguDxUa3h6bm00zLn0b+ShsiUJJTGRadU2/fnFM8VtTHN+OEzZyOp6R+e2v2FQO7c7F683N5X8ZUgTTRVGUsjGu+Dd9SzEuK8R3kffdJvSq7Hxe+BJBAj8KE8gKBcyKvU+u9Fi9svl4ZYPaJiyVuEV6VOfYaC8z/z82oe7kYPNerXBPiVZHyXIu8Z4r1otc8yiR4b0jRbW3YkUlo2KWTptCGthu21/2c/H9V961PAqKR6uoAXntcHMv3eUpBLQK6g4S/aXxXFXYf/Unlv645An2Z7zh3Eg9ET3MF1Rdm8ZFRsQ7OBmOtjJXAfFo9VIA==
  support: 0
  users: unlimited
  version: 2
  virtualdesktopclients: 0
  virtualdesktopusers: 0