Problem: Join Script fails on ucs_registerLDAPExtension, e.g. 30univention-appcenter fails on UCS 4.4

Kudos @damrose


With UCS 4.4 the Join Script “30univention-appcenter” fails.


Step 1:

Check your logfile /var/log/univention/join.log for entries like this:

Waiting for activation of the extension object app_syntax:...................................................ERROR: Master did not mark the extension object active within 180 seconds.
ucs_registerLDAPExtension: registraton of /usr/share/univention-appcenter/ failed.


Step 2:

Check the logfile /var/log/univention/listener.log on the Primary Directory Node for errors.

Step 3:

Check if the object exists and is deactivated:

root@master:~# udm settings/udm_syntax list

DN: cn=app_syntax,cn=udm_syntax,cn=univention,dc=multi,dc=ucs
  active: FALSE
  name: app_syntax
  package: univention-appcenter

Please note the DN here as we will need it in the next step: cn=app_syntax,cn=udm_syntax,cn=univention,dc=multi,dc=ucs

Optional step:

You might try to simply activate the module but it might not be enough. In case it does not work, proceed with the next step.

udm settings/udm_syntax modify --dn="cn=app_syntax,cn=udm_syntax,cn=univention,dc=multi,dc=ucs" --set active=TRUE

Step 4:

Remove the object as a simple activation is not sufficient.

udm settings/udm_syntax remove --dn="cn=app_syntax,cn=udm_syntax,cn=univention,dc=multi,dc=ucs"

Step 5:

Re-run the join script


Step 6 (if it still fails):

There might be an issue with your replication. Do:

root@ucs01:~# univention-directory-listener-ctrl status
Listener status:
 finish: univention-directory-listener: (pid 7920) 6s, normally down

Current Notifier ID on "ucs01.multi.ucs"

Last Notifier ID processed by local Listener:

Last transaction processed:
 2525 cn=app_syntax,cn=udm_syntax,cn=univention,dc=multi,dc=ucs a


You see a mismatch between the two IDs (2212 on Listener vs. 2525 on Notifier).

Go ahead troubleshooting with the help of these articles.