Problem: Daily messages include : tar: --exclude 'x' has no effect


After upgrading from 4.4.8 to 5.0 we get daily messages like:

tar: The following options were used after any non-optional arguments in archive create or update mode. These options are positional and affect only arguments that follow them. Please, rearrange them properly.
tar: --exclude ‘smbd.tmp’ has no effect
tar: --exclude ‘.ldb’ has no effect
tar: --exclude '
.tdb’ has no effect
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors Error while archiving /var/univention-backup/samba/samba4_private.2021-10-28.tar.bz2 - status = 2


With view +151 /usr/sbin/univention-samba4-backup you can see code like:

tar cjf ${WHERE}/samba4_${n}.${WHEN}.tar.bz2 $relativedirname \

This is a known bug


As you can see in the Bug description remove $relativedirname from line 151:
Add it to line 159 or below the last --transform:

  • Don’t forget a linebreak in 158 :sweat_smile:
  • Please keep in Mind the check the script after updating system, till the bug is fixed.

Please be aware the bug is fixed in 5.0

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