/usr/sbin/univention-samba4-backup tar: --exclude „smbd.tmp“ has no effect

Hello, since I update from UCS 4.4.x to 5.0, I get the following errors at 3 A.M.:
tar: The following options were used after any non-optional arguments in archive create or update mode. These options are positional and affect only arguments that follow them. Please, rearrange them properly.
tar: --exclude „smbd.tmp“ has no effect
tar: --exclude „.ldb“ has no effect
tar: --exclude „
.tdb“ has no effect

I assume it depends on the position of the parameters in the script. I changed the order of the parameters for the tar-command and now I get two other messages:
tar cjf --exclude=smbd.tmp ‘–exclude=.ldb’ '–exclude=.tdb’ --warning=no-file-ignored --warning=no-file-changed --transform ‘s/.ldb.bak$/.ldb/’ --transform ‘s/.tdb.bak$/.tdb/’ /var/univention-backup/samba/samba4_private.2021-07-15.tar.bz2 ./private
tar: Entferne führende „/“ von Elementnamen
tar: Entferne führende „/“ von Zielen harter Verknüpfungen
I don’t know, what is the exact problem of the tar command.
I searched the forum, but didn’t find anything related.
Does anybody know a solution?
Regards, Peter

Hi, there was already a bug reported and a ticket opened for this one month ago:

On my test system (based on UCS 5) I can confirm the same issue.

Thank you. I only checked this Help Forum, not the Bug Forum. :wink:

santiago thanks for comming back on this.

Just wondering if you rollout a fixed version of univention-samba4-backup file with one of the upcomming errata updates or if we need to fix it by ourself?

Your are welcome.
I haven’t seen any errata for this bug yet, so I still did it manually. If you prefer there is a patch attached to the bug.